He is Our Helper

The king replied, “If the Lord does not help you, where can I get help for you?”
2 Kings 6:27

The context for this situation is that a woman asked the king for help in the time of famine. Not only that, but then she agreed when another woman suggested they eat their children, hers first and then the other woman’s. But when it was the other woman’s turn, she hid her son.

I cannot imagine that kind of situation … horrific. A situation of such pain and such poverty, and such … what a choice.

This verse, however, is so true. The king saying that if God doesn’t help the woman, where is he going to get help for her? It reminds me that when we have problems or need solutions,  maybe with a business project or in a relationship, He is our Helper (Hebrews 13:6). There is no need to be afraid, or to worry, when we know God is with us. And there is hope in that! because who greater to help us! …and thus, as the king said… if God won’t help you…what can I do?

It is through a relationship with Him, and understanding and listening when He speaks, that we are able to walk forward and accomplish the things before us. To win with love, and run our race with grace and strength. All requires Him.

Thank You God, today for your grace, mercy and strength. for being my Helper in so many ways each day. Thank you for being with me and taking care of my family and surroundings. I need You, and welcome your assistance today and every day. Thank you for intervening in my life, Lord. 🙂

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