“It is more Important to be of pure intention than of perfect action.” ― Ilyas Kassam

Harmony and i couldn’t agree more on the importance of health and intentionality. Which is why the word wellness excites me so much.  Wellness is often defined as the state of being in good health, especially as an intentional goal. The interesting thing is, being intentional towards health requires knowledge and not to say that we know it all but rather as Harmony and I grow in our knowledge towards health, we will share and live a life of wellness in community. So please comment, like , share . We cant wait to hear from you. 

The Body

Introduction ideas

I have always enjoyed the analogy of the body as a car/ machine. No one in their right mind would take their petrol run car to the service station and ask the smiling service attendant to put in a full tank of diesel. Somehow, we can be those people that put the “diesel” into our bodies for it to run. I wonder if understanding machines and their specific uses would make it easier to use “our machines” correctly and service it when necessary.

The human machine 

Our human body is quite a complex system and if scientists are still learning about our system/ machine, it can leave us, the ones outside of the labs, very confused. Then of course we find health trends which make health an ever-changing fashion trend, which can make us normal folk run for the hills. So, in order to truly get to the basics, I’ve decided to look at the basics of our machines, why we do what we do and what can help us run better for longer.

Functional mechanics

From my perspective and really for ease of learning how to take care of the body, I will choose to see the main function of our machine (human body) as survival in an environment. The basis for this is adaption to its surroundings. The body is made up of different systems that work intriquetly to allow us to function, it’s an intelligent system that we don`t fully understand. The unfortunate thing is our body does not have to function at 100% to survive. which is where we will have to distinguish between survival and health. Health then would be our body functioning at 100%. This may be impossible with the stress the environment places on us and the adaption that our body goes through to in fact survive.

The system 

There will be many other topics on how we can intentionally help our bodies function at 100%. It really will flow from place to place as we are lead. So please join us on our journey. Share, comment and engage.

What we found on Depression

Harmony and I found ourselves talking about Empower Life and how we could promote life and we began speaking of depression, I will add videos that are very helpful. Steven Illadi speaks of depression as a disease of civilisation. He looked at the lifestyle habits of a village that had one case of depression one case of depression in a population of two thousand people. I love this, because its a natural approach to working through depression. The video is a great introduction to his treatment plans and the success he has seen.

His key points are:

  • Physical activity
  • Omega fatty acids
  • Sunlight
  • Healthy sleep
  • anti ruminative activity
  • Social connection
Harmony and i were just chatting about making small changes towards the greater good. Small habits put together  make a massive difference. Alot of the time we find people making drastic changes that cant be maintained, only to set them back 100 steps mentally, emotionally and physically.
Check out Steven Illadi website and see what changes you can incorporate  towards your journey towards joy.