Me as a Mom

I am a Mom. I have 3 little ones, all under 5 years old. Adrian and I love children, and as many parents do…only want the best for ours!

I had natural labors with all of my children, and no epidural or other medical pain relief. I love the water-birth experience and have somewhat had complications. Also, I highly recommend having a midwife at every birthing experience .. just for the relational calm aspect of having someone who catches babies all the time, around. It’s a very integral part of the experience.


I also believe that every Mommy (and Daddy) should learn about their children, with their relationship being with the utmost importance. If we care about our children, and not just their physical wellness, but also their emotional wholeness, we will be building a much better future.

I started researching about children and babies before I was pregnant and I definitely recommend that parents do this. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful times in life, and part of me would love to be a midwife.