Trust Yourself..

Trust Yourself. Listen to your heart. Talk with your friends. Find new perspectives to gain perspective on your own perspective. Be open to listening, but know what you believe in.…Continue Reading →

Journey Towards Joy!

Journey Towards Joy. Imagine a few stops …starting from the tree of Hope, and ending with prizes and gifts! What would your ‘path’ look like? Every art piece, song, film…Continue Reading →


Ruth Soukup’s podcast is cute and fun. A few minutes ago, an email came in saying “The hilariously brilliant Tasha Arguso of Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body knows this feeling all…Continue Reading →


This morning I saw a post by Jesse Duplantis saying “Delay is not denial, it’s just delay.” This was after I prayed and asked God for a verse, and looked up…Continue Reading →


What is the most difficult thing to have when you are AFRAID? Or SCARED? Where do YOU go for COURAGE? Courage, the Lion from the Wizard of Oz, had lost…Continue Reading →