Territory after Love & Obedience

…(He will give you this land if you are careful to obey all the commands I have given you–if you always love the LORD your God and walk in his ways.)
Deuteronomy 19:9b (NLT)

This verse seemed a little unusual when I first read it in the NIV translation. But now I see how it can work in my own life. When reading the previous verse, you find that the territory was actually already promised by God, yet requires obedience to unlock it.

One of the main things that we are told to do in the Bible is to obey God’s word, and to Love God first above all things.

This verse then talks of territory being given to you if you are obedient and ‘always’ love God.

In life, as we move through obedience with integrity, and our character is built, we can then be trusted with more responsibility. When God lets us have more territory, it is Him saying that we can be trusted to handle more than we had before.

May we be those beloved sons and daughters of God that are obedient and trustworthy, that God might bless us even more abundantly. God bless!

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