God. Most Almighty.

For I have sworn by my own name,” says the LORD …
Jeremiah 49:13a (NLT)

How to explain this…

A little context perhaps?

12And this is what the LORD says: “If the innocent must suffer, how much more must you! You will not go unpunished! You must drink this cup of judgment! 13For I have sworn by my own name,” says the LORD, “that Bozrah will become an object of horror and a heap of ruins; it will be mocked and cursed. All its towns and villages will be desolate forever.”

This verse always reminds me of the Greatness of God. Wow. He is no little .. His words are so powerful.Who He is. Wow.

If God swears by His own name that you are cursed… my goodness! There is no question. You are in big trouble.

But if He blesses you, then oh my goodness…you must be in good hands!!!

Be strong and courageous! seems to be the season! 🙂 Did you need a reminder: be strong and courageous!

God is with us!! Make sure to stay obedient and aligned with His will. 🙂

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