gratitude : the appreciation of a selfless act of which one is the beneficiary

I’m grateful, for my children .. more than anything. And actually, for my husband, a little more than that. 🙂 He’s my number one. I’ve chosen him a long time ago, and he’s wonderful! We don’t meet eye-to-eye, but you know what, who does!

Gratitude. God. In the Dalai Lama’s “The book of Joy”, with Desmond Tutu and Douglas Abrams…they define Gratitude as “above”.

Last night, I saw a post on my facebook wall … something about being grateful for our oppressors. Do I understand that? Nope. Do I have any gratitude towards oppression? Nope. but somebody out there does!?

I love conversation. TODAY, I’m going to share this post, and tag the other person’ post, on my private Facebook wall! And let’s see…will we start a CONVERSATION? 🙂

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