So, this morning, at 2:35am I needed to go to the bathroom. Usually I don’t write about such topics, but I think this is relevant.

There was no toilet paper, and the toilet roll holder was missing. Hmm.

I looked around, found everything I needed and put it all together. New roll.

Now, life doesn’t always look that way, from the inside view… ie our thoughts. But last night it was that simple.

Our thoughts, are so important…they affect how we treat the people around us.

Why this situation was so amazing for me, is that in the past I have complained (in my mind) or ‘felt exhausted’ … or whatever.
BUT last night, my mind was silent. No thoughts or feelings of angst … and I know that some people out there, may even cuss or yell if there’s no toilet paper. We’ve seen it in movies or read about it in books… or maybe you have an immediate experience of it.

In the past: I might have thought “why didn’t someone else replace it” … or “ugh, again.” But I remember a time when I could not understand why anyone would ever complain. Just fix it, and move on. I think, that I got that from my mom. Just fix it, and move on. #smile

You know, life is what we make it. What you, and I make it. It’s up to my thoughts, and my words, and my opinions…but all starts, in the middle of the night, when there’s no toilet paper. How do you react!?

And can we be better!?

Not bitter.
You know,… I think those negative reactions we have / or don’t have, are related to our own pain. And the healthiness of our hearts.

If we are happy inside, the dog vomits, and it’s kinda gross…but whatever. If you’re not happy inside…maybe you cuss at your 2 year old for eating a cookie at the wrong time…or something.

Let’s get on with life… and maybe this bitterness is an expression of pride, right? That’s where this title came from, …if bitterness is an expression of PRIDE….and an opposite to HUMILITY, then maybe we find humility by the lack of negative reactions to situations around us. #goingtobelearning MORE about This!!

What are your thoughts!? Please share in the comments.

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