Journey Towards Joy.

Imagine a few stops …starting from the tree of Hope, and ending with prizes and gifts! What would your ‘path’ look like?

Every art piece, song, film ….or photograph. A stepping stone on the path from where you are….hopeful and true….to a celebration with confetti!

You never know what the path looks like, until you take that first hopeful step.

So, take it. Design it, with us. Figure it out, along the way.  The next 3 months will tell a different story, for each of us that is involved…I hope you, join us!!

Oh, and don’t forget that hopeful “Golden Puzzle Piece” .. that dream that seems so unattainable that you don’t take the time to mention it…even if people ask! Or…maybe you actually dream that well, and are open and vulnerable about your heart’s desires!!! I hope so….but keep dreamin’.

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