Ruth Soukup’s podcast is cute and fun. A few minutes ago, an email came in saying “The hilariously brilliant Tasha Arguso of Designer Trapped In A Lawyer’s Body knows this feeling all too well.” Obviously this caught my eye, as Empower Life is all about creativity, and the fact that creativity is so important for everyone!

So  I started listening…check it out! I chose a different episode…with Abby Lou Walker. – She created a natural footspray, which was amazing but not worth pushing it. But, through that got a job offer, and then …since 2016 been doing her own thing!

They talk about her “do it scared” moment. And also her book … Strap On A Pair.

Do it Scared, is kind of Abby’s mantra. Failure was her biggest handicap, and she learned to fail. Learning what doesn’t work is almost as helpful as learning what doesn’t work.

So interesting! I downloaded the 99c kindle version, to read this week. We shall see!!!

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