This morning I saw a post by Jesse Duplantis saying “Delay is not denial, it’s just delay.” This was after I prayed and asked God for a verse, and looked up 2 Corinthians 18-24 … And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from. And lastly, an image of the retired Thai Navy Seal, Saman Gunun, who lost/ his life whilst helping to save the lives of those 12 children and their coach.

Now, there’s some context you need..of my life. The lens I’m looking through.

So, I had a deadline for Launch day (Empower Life) of 15th July. And for my blog (these daily posts) of the 10th, to share. Did I do it? No. Have I wanted to? Yes.

But, many things have come up, and new ideas, and self.
I have not been able to do my routine for the last couple weeks….chalk it up to whatever you like … the reality is, I didn’t do it.
Yes – parents and friends visited, family routine got off track, husband stressed from work, me trying to get so much done, family had sniffles and I’m the last one to get better!

The point is, I didn’t do it. Yes, this was in the middle of #intentionalLife focus with the @EMPOWERYOURLIFE community on facebook, that I led. Yes, it seemed like when I started being #intentional about Life.. that’s when everything crumbled.

Maybe intentional Life is what I was always doing, and then I just stepped up the stress on myself. What do you think about intentional Life?

Hmm… I need to get a handle on routine, it’s the best thing for me and my family. It also means, that I get a lot more done, and am less stressed.

I think, all that intentional Life is for me, is just going through the daily motions of routine and life. And enjoying the adventures on the way.

Adventure used to be my middle name…in many ways. But when you have a family, it gets squeezed into the timetable of time.

Time passes, but each day just gets better…if we allow it to. It’s all about Perspective. Right!?

That Thai Navy Seal, though. Today, I have been reminded of the fact that we fight our way through life. Each day, every situation, each and every choice. We choose how we go through life .. maybe not the situations that come our way, but how we RESPOND! It’s time to pick up the reigns, and be diligent with my life. AGAIN!!!

Let me know how you focus your perspective to get your life going, the way you like it!!!

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