Empower Life Launches “The Puzzle”, this weekend!

Empower Life is all about “Partnering globally to inspire and enhance life, with integrity.” A vision that as we desire a better world, and actually believe it’s possible, might easily agree with!

There is a community called @EMPOWERYOURLIFE on Facebook, a place to share inspiring things that you’re doing, and connect with other people who are making the world a better place!

Big Launch is on Sunday, via Facebook Lives throughout the day! Anyone can be a #puzzlepiece! Just mention Empower Life and tell your friends what positive changes, you would like to see in our world! [Everyone’s views are their own 😉 even mine! They are not a reflection of Empower Life! ] Share anything inspiring to you!!! This is to be a REALLY POSITIVE EXPERIENCE!  Present yourself with a desire to be truthful, and kind! Empower Life encourages you to hear out other views, and share your own, kindly.

If YOU are excited to join us, PLEASE Let Us KNOW, in the comments and directly!

If you see our founder Harmony Rogers (that’s me;)) on Facebook Live, members of the community can feel free to jump in and tell us about yourself… I’ll be ‘interviewing’ .. or talking to people like you 🙂 #whoWantToShare!!!

Let’s help make this world a better place!!!

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