I love this chapter.  If you don’t know it, look it up!

The first three verses are my favorite … they are about God taking us by streams of living water and lying down in meadows or green pastures. It is an amazing picture of peace and beauty! Something that I believe we cultivate within us, and also around us!

This morning I was sharing some concepts with my children on how important our words are and how we shape our environment about what we say and how we say it. (See Leadership) If we speak unkindly or yell for more milk 😉 then probably mommy isn’t going to be too happy. Meaning, let’s use good manners and have good habits when we go through life. We can choose whether or not we say “Please” or “Thank you!”

These are the simple things in life, that really make a big difference in the cultures of our world.

Saying thank you in someone’s language makes such a difference!  I have a friend who loves the word LOVE and has learned it in so many different languages. If I were to learn one word like that, I’d do the word Thank you, because I think it makes such a difference. Brings a smile to a person’s face, when they know that you appreciate them. This makes me think of my time in Africa, and how it’s culturally acceptable to smile and banter…is that the right word?  Not that it isn’t in America, just that it’s different. (You can read more about CULTURES here).  I’m avoiding using names because I want this to be anonymous, but another one of my friends loves the concept “I AM”. Hopefully there will be some form of a Languages Project to Empower Life, some day!

Anyways, to conclude.
How we speak influences our surroundings. If I speak in love [1 Corinthians 13] then hopefully people around me will sense that love… my children can respond lovingly, and the friends we meet might do the same! If we were all to live in a way that is loving, I believe our world could be a better place.

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