My Thoughts on WHY I enjoy WRITING!!!

I like to share the perspective that I have developed from traveling extensively. Having lived all over the world. My perspective has been shaped by the people I’ve met, the conversations I’ve had, and cultures that I have lived in.

The Research section, is my way of sharing my perspective of resources which I have found through life, with you.  I love to learn, and I believe that through CHANGE we can DEVELOP and become more aware of what we don’t know … and gain in wisdom, and probably humility. We aren’t perfect, ..I’m not perfect, but I love my family and am always learning how to be a better person in this world.

I learned that moving in different cultures, the best way to learn was to immerse myself – get out and meet people in a simple or comfortable way (like at college when in Australia).
I also learned through door-to-door- fundraising for UNHCR in NYC, how to make small talk .. I have always preferred deeper topics… and have often been complemented on the interesting depth of conversation that I like to have with people. I love the INSIGHT of new PERSPECTIVE … developing a new IDEA or PERSPECTIVE, with a FRIEND!! #itsthebest

I love to write .. I used to find it much easier to communicate fully through the written word. When I speak, I prefer to be more open to hearing from the other person, and sharing an experience…developing my perspective and sharing in that creative space. Depending on the situation, though…I can be quite the chatterbox. 🙂

Every day is full of choices of give and take, or how we choose to respond. A conversation. I don’t believe that we can go through this world ALONE – because everything is interconnected and interlinked. … and yet, at the same time, each of us has  in many ways, we are all alone, there are thoughts and ideas that we have that we don’t share with the world.

To converse, is to connect with another person and to share perspective. Good conversation is one of my favorite things in the world. However, not every person is interested in truly connecting. There are different levels, of course, but not necessarily categories.

However, sometimes people are held back by their feelings and emotions, or even their own Perspective. For example, if someone wants a new job, yet they feel insecure about whether or not they can fill the shoes of the position at hand. They may pass by the opportunity. .. you can see this when a guy decides not to ask a girl out because he thinks ‘she’s out of my league’.

I love my husband – I want to share about our life together 🙂
We have talked about writing a book ….or our stories together, but time just passes us by. I think there are many people in the world who have dreams, but they just pass on by.

I also have missed connecting with my friends over the years, Adrian and I moved a few times and have truly enjoyed our journey through parts of Africa and USA. Now we live in a place that means that our friends are spread around the world. Most people are busy, and it’s hard to find a good time to chat – especially when there are different time zones and mommy schedules to overcome! But, RELATIONSHIPS are IMPORTANT to EVERYONE’s EMOTIONAL HEALTH! 😀

Brene Brown says it best HERE!

I LOVE FRIENDS. Over the last few years, it has been an unusual experience for me to be less connected to the many close friends I had developed over the years. However, it has definitely been eye-opening in my marriage, and my time has been full with my children, and just doing the day to day. I believe many of us get caught up in Making Life Happen, rather than …Designing Life … @rewiringlife (check with Adrian to share this) is a blog where my husband is Doing Just That!! He is taking the life that, in many ways has been shaped by his own past, and generally limited choices … maybe not limited in the others’ viewpoints, but limited in terms of the DREAMS that he has had! He has so much WISDOM and the Amazing ABILITY to DESIGN AND STRATEGIZE, that if you’re interested inn some new PERSPECTIVE to HELP you in YOUR Journey, I think you’ll be glad to know!! That someone else is doing this, and you can do it too!! So enjoy, my Adrian’s blog 😉 #heismyknightinshiningarmor #mylove #myfavourite

Maybe everyone has DREAMs?
I don’t want to assume that everyone does, but actually…maybe I should.
I believe that Dreams Die! But that they can, come to life again!!
BUT, sometimes we also have desires…like a wife in South America…but then we find a friend Vietnam…who becomes a girlfriend, and it seems the dream for a wife from/in South America. Choices come into play, and we DESIGN our OWN Lives!!!

Anyways, that’s enough. I’d separate this out, because it’s a lot of content, but I think it gives you some context for the rest of the BLOG!! .. I hope so, anyways!! If you agree, or want to respond to any of the THOUGHTS I have shared!! Please do!!! I’m ALWAYS willing to LEARN More!!!


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